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We LOVE WagAware!

We LOVE WagAware!

We LOVE WagAware!

It may not be obvious from the look on Jake’s face (he’s a little camera shy … and awkward), but we’ve really fallen in love with WagAware and wanted to share a little bit about the company. Have you heard about it? It’s a charitable organization committed to helping raise awareness (and funding) for pets in need. They donate 50% of their profits to homeless dogs in shelters, rescue organizations, and animal welfare groups … and really, what’s not pawesome about that? WagAware manufactures and sells a really cute dog tag that (much like our collars) looks great on dogs of all shapes and sizes! You’ve no doubt seen their charms on dogs at the park … those furry, four-legged brand ambassadors are helping to promote and support a better life for every dog in need, and you should too!

We had read all kinds of good stuff in the press about what a great company WagAware was, and we HAD to become brand ambassadors too … all the cool dogs are doing it!

After a little drama with some mail monsters at the post office and a USPS tracking snafu, Bella and Jake received their WagAware charms just as we were receiving some new inventory here at ZZW HQ … perfect timing. Jake immediately picked out a snazzy Fire Hydrant red collar to pair with his rescue bling, and Bella opted for a small Pawesome Purple pattern because it coordinated so well with WagAware’s signature orange. Four paws up … these little tags are amazing (they even glow in the dark).

WagAware CharmWhen your dog wears the WagAware Ambassador Charm, you and your dog are spreading the word about the need to rescue, and encouraging all to adopt their next pet.

True, we borrowed that line from the WagAware website, but honestly, we couldn’t have said it better. We’re such huge fans of this company that we’ve decided to offer $4.00 off every collar in our Signature collection through the 15th of October … we hope you’ll use those few extra bucks to pick up a WagAware charm to match your new ZigZag Swag! Just use coupon code 4WAGAWARE at checkout and save on every single signature striped collar you purchase … no size restrictions or order limits (you can even take $4.00 off our extra tiny sizes!).
And on Thursday, October 15th, we’ll be awarding 2 lucky winners with their very own WagAware charm. To enter the giveaway, just purchase any collar with our signature zigzag stripe before month end. We’ll be notifying winners by email … stay tuned!

Don’t have a dog? No problem. You can adopt one! Here are a few places you can go to find a new BFF:

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