About Us

We’re All About Collars and Leashes.

ZigZag Wags, LLC was co-founded by Bella & Jake, two amazing wonder dogs, along with their human, Sara J. The idea for the business came about after visiting a store full of really expensive pet accessories … and by expensive, we mean “pay monthly” pricey. They sold the kind of accessories you’d be afraid to actually wear for fear of getting them dirty, and when you’re a dog that loves long walks and outside play time, that just won’t do. Poorly made leads with ugly plastic carabiner-style clasps, and collars with “bling” and “flair” shouldn’t be the only options. Really, what dog actually wants to wear a collar covered in glitter and hand-knit flowers that glow in the dark?

No seriously, we want to meet that dog. Please have their human email us.

We decided it was time to create something better, and so our new business began. After several months of research, planning, and design we successfully launched a brand new line of top quality dog leashes and collars for dogs of all shapes and sizes. ZigZag Wags, LLC officially opened for business in late 2013.

Bella - ZigZag Wags Co-Founder

Meet Bella: Master of Naps

Affectionately nicknamed “Queen B,” Bella is the official Diva in Charge. She may be little (only 5 pounds), but she’s one fierce cookie. Nothing happens around this office without her knowing about it!

Jake - ZigZag Wags Co-Founder

Meet Jake: Champion Sock Thief

Jake is the Chief Security Officer here at ZigZag Wags, but not because he’s particularly tough … actually, he’s quite charming, but nothing escapes him. Absolutely nothing. Squirrels: you’ve been warned.

Sara Jade - owner of ZigZag Wags

Meet Sara: The Human in Charge

Sara has a background in web development and interactive marketing. As the Chief Human in Charge, it’s her job to make sure things run smoothly … and that there is a solid supply of treats on hand at all times.