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Shelter Pets Rock Leash Giveaway

Shelter Pets Rock Leash Giveaway

Shelter Pets Rock Leash Giveaway

Let’s be honest … dogs are amazing. Little ones, big ones, hairy ones … even those really slobbery snuggle bugs that chew on your shoes and shed everywhere. If you’re anything like us, you’ve never met a dog you didn’t like!

From time to time though, we meet some extra special furbabies. You know the ones … everything brings them joy, usually because they struggled through a rough start in life. Dogs like Chester, this abandoned cutie pie and countless other little heartbreakers who are lucky enough to find forever homes. No doubt about it: these dogs ALWAYS brighten our day.

Rescue Dog saved after 5 years in shelterSeriously, how could anyone NOT love this little meatball?

It’s a shame we can’t adopt every single one of them … to be honest, we could really use the extra paws to prep and send out all our leashes and collars, but Bella’s not really down with sharing her bed. Pretty sure multiple slobbery roommates wouldn’t go over very well with our little diva in charge!

So, while we can’t take on an entire pack by ourselves, we can definitely help spread the word by bringing some attention to all the dogs patiently waiting for their new families to come and get them.

To celebrate these amazing best-friends-to-be, we’re sponsoring a very special #FreeStuffFriday giveaway with Sidewalk Dog Media and we need your help!

Head on over to their Facebook page, post a pic of your adopted dog, and tag your favorite rescue organization in the post … help us spread the word about as many shelters and animal heroes as you can!

Our friends over at Sidewalk Dog will be kicking things off around 11:45 am central time, and you can post your photos and links all day long … tonight we’ll award one lucky dog with their very own Shelter Pets Rock leash to show our appreciation.

Shelter Pets Rock Leash Giveaway

Show some love to all those amazing shelters, rescue organizations and animal welfare groups that work so hard to find good homes for dogs! And while you’re at it, ping us on Twitter (@zigzagwags) or post a comment below and tell us about your favorite veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, or any other dog-friendly folks you’d recommend. We’d love to hear all about them!

Hugs & Wags,
Sara, Bella & Jake

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